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Sharing on Instagram

Problem-centred tasks

Capturing, editing and sharing photos, videos and comments with different audiences

  • Creating a portfolio of work 

  • Collecting images/videos related to the topic

  • Documenting the learning process involved in undertaking a project

  • Creating a personal /class profile


  • Creating a fake profile for a fictional character 

  • Creating a fake profile for a historical figure


Scaffolding activities

#1 Navigating Instagram

To set up a profile, students explore the meaning of the words and symbols used on the platform and consider the information the platform encourages users to to share.

#2 Avatars and usernames

Students discuss why it can be useful to use avatars and  customised usernames online. They make their own choices considering the purpose of their Instagram account.

#3 Public or private?

Students compare public and private accounts and explore their different functions, advantages and limitations. They make their own choices for their Instagram accounts justifying these in view of their own preferences

#4 Power of image

Students explore the images usually shared on Instagram and the apparent purposes of these. They explore  what makes an image visually appealing and  experiment by taking photos (e.g. different content, angle, colours, etc.) and using Instagram editing tools.

#5 Power of caption

Students analyse different captions and their  purposes. They identify how much information can be included in the caption to tell a rich story.

 They consider their own purposes and audiences and create captions for their images.

#6 Hashtags

Students explore the notion of a 'hashtag'  and generate hashtags for their images considering the purpose of the image and possible audience. They do search for 'best hashtags' which get most likes.


Students brainstorm who they will allow to follow their accounts  and whom they choose to follow. They reflect on the purpose of building an online community and how it can be helpful for them. They start building their networks within class community and beyond.

#8 Commenting on images

Students read examples of  comments on Instagram. They pay attention to what people  say, why and how. They generate a list of rules on Instagram etiquette. Students comment on the images they like in the Instagram accounts of other class members, community members and beyond. 

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