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Problem-centred tasks

Creating podcasts in particular contexts and for particular audiences

  • Creating a class/school/community news podcast

  • Creating a book review podcast

  • Documenting reflections on a learning process in a project 


  • Documenting reflections on a school field trip 


  • Recording a vox pop interview in the school hallways / community event

  • Creating a fiction/non-fiction storytelling podcast


Scaffolding activities

#1 What's this?

Students are introduced to podcasts. They analyse an example of a podcast and identify its different segments (e.g., intro/outro, transitions, sound effects).

#2 Comparison

Students compare several podcasts and identify what makes a good podcast. They generate a list of these features.

#3 Types of podcasts

Students explore different types of podcasts and identify which kinds of content can be used (e.g. conversation, interview, narrative, etc.). They examine different purposes of the podcasts (e.g. to educate, to entertain, etc.).  

#4 Power 

Using examples, students explore how language and other non-linguistic resources (e.g. sound effects, intonation, music) of the podcasts can be used to capture an audience's interest and attention.

#5 Outline

Students brainstorm the content of their proposed podcast. They find relevant information and make a draft/script of the podcast. Students rehearse in pairs or small groups.

#6 Digital footprints

Students consider the context, audience and purpose of their podcasts and discuss what can/should not be shared and why (e.g. initials or full name of the podcast author or the school information).

#7 Create

Using their drafts and collected resources, students record podcast segments. They learn how to use audio editing software to sequence the segments (and cut/split/trim/delete/add sound layers, etc.).

#8 Sharing

Students learn how to share their work with their intended audience. They explore the different online platforms that are available for publishing podcasts. They learn how to use a RSS feed to track podcasts.

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