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Making common craft-style videos

Problem-centred tasks

Making common craft-style videos using simple paper cut-outs with an accompanying narrative to explain the concepts in plain English.


  • Making a video for a school website/class blog about a school/class event or project

  • Making a video to demonstrate learning

  • Making a video reflection about the learning process

  • ​Making a video tutorial for peers (within or beyond school)

  • Retelling an original story from a minor character perspective


Scaffolding activities

#1 What's this?

Students watch a common craft-style video and identify (1) its main components and (2) what needs to be done to create such a video.  They can also outline the main steps of the process.

#2 Script

Students choose or are given a topic. They create a script of their narrative for their video with relevant scaffolding if required. They consider (1) the purpose of the video, (2) the context, (3) audience.

#3 Text power

Students explore several examples on Youtube and identify what makes common craft-style videos appealing or not to audiences. They revise their drafts accordingly.

#4 Images

Using their scripts, students identify the images central to their video story line. They draw the images or find some online. In doing so they consider which images will be appealing to their audience and also work well for their videos.

#5 Storyboard

Students create a storyboard of their videos revising their scripts and adding images.

#6 Rehearsal

Students practise reading the script and manipulating the paper cut-outs. They can use a timer if there are limits to the length of their videos. They next revise the script as required.

#7 Filming

Students use available technologies to record their videos. They explore how to operate the device  and/or application if they are unfamiliar with technology.

#8 Editing

If required or desired, students use movie-editing software to edit any parts which require editing.

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