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Digital portfolios

Problem-centred tasks

Creating a digital portfolio of work for personal, learning or professional purposes


  • Creating a portfolio of work over the period of a unit/project/semester/year

  • Creating a professional portfolio (e.g. artwork, photography, make-up styles, hair styles, etc.)


  • Creating a portfolio of personal achievements


  • Creating a portfolio for a fictional character​​


Scaffolding activities

#1 Content

 Students brainstorm ideas for suitable artefacts to include in digital portfolios and identify possible content for their portfolio considering its purpose.

#2 Comparisons

Students compare  examples of digital portfolios, identify their aims and explore how content meets the purpose.

#3 Choices

Students explore what should (and what should not) be included in a portfolio and why. They then consider the purpose of the portfolio and its potential audience.

#4 Collecting resources

Students collect artefacts for their portfolios (e.g. photos, samples of work, audio/video fragments, texts, annotated images, certificates, screen-shots) and consider possible ways of organising the artefacts.

#5 Successful portfolios

Students compare some examples and discuss what makes these effective. They learn how to design their own portfolios to meet specific goals.

#6 Online Platforms

Students explore apps or websites that can be used to create and manage their portfolios. They discuss their different features, advantages and limitations (e.g. storage longevity, ease of access, sharing opportunities).  

#7 Create

Using their drafts and collected resources, students create their digital portfolios.

#8 Sharing and peer feedback

Students share their portfolios with the intended audience. They can also engage in peer feedback.

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