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Creating a webpage

Problem-centred tasks

Creating a web page or a website with multimodal texts (print-based text,hyperlinks, still or/and moving images)


  • Designing a web page/website for visitors to a local attraction

  • Creating a web page /website for a school event

  • Creating a web page /website about a class project

  • Designing a web page /website on a study topic (e.g. travelling, healthy food, historic event, etc.)

  • Designing a web page /website about a social issue

  • Creating a web page /website for a fictional business (e.g. from the novel)


Scaffolding activities

#1 Webpage labels

Students explore what a typical web page can include and why. They analyse a web page and label its different elements (e.g. text, images, hyperlinks, links for downloading, etc.). 

#2 Comparing designs

Students compare several examples of different web pages and explore the relationship between their designs and purposes. 

#3 Drafting ideas

Students brainstorm ideas for the website and draw a draft of the web page, including the content and the design. They consider (1) the purpose of the web page, (2) the context, (3) audience. 

#4 Power of text

Students explore several examples of web pages and identify what makes them appealing or not to audiences. They revise their drafts accordingly.

#5 Choosing a platform

Students learn how to navigate a web development platform suggested by the teacher.

#6 Creative Commons images

Students explore the difference between restricted copyright images and Creative Commons images. They learn how to reference  restricted copyright resources. 

#7 Collecting resources

Students find relevant resources (e.g. images, Youtube clips, websites, etc.) which can be used in their web pages.

#8 Create

Using their drafts and collected resources, students create and publish their web pages/websites.

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