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These resources were developed, piloted and evaluated in the research project funded by VicTESOL Inaguaral Research Grant - 2016.

Experiential digital storytelling immerses the students in the fantasy world of an unfolding story. It invites students to participate in a learning 'scavenger hunt' facilitated by digital technologies. Students become part of the story and they learn through their experience of the narrative and play. 


This adventure has:

  • imaginary characters who interact with students through different channels and function as facilitators of learning by presenting situations, providing relevant information, creating unexpected events and initiating activities which students complete

  • a storyline that connects the learning tasks and situates students in a particular context

  • learning activities that students need to complete to unfold the next part of the story

The following resources have been developed to support and guide practitioners who wish to utilise experiential digital storytelling:

Experiential digital storytelling

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